About Us

BassSavvy was designed by fishermen for fishermen to provide Tournament fishermen with a tool for planning a tournament season, the information to fish tournaments and the post-tournament information to evaluate tournaments.

Planning the Season

All tournaments in BassSavvy are by request, preferrably from a website. BassSavvy’s tournament list is sortable by column header and filterable by Organization, Trail, Date, Lake, and Ramp. Sorting allows you to sort what is on the page, filtering lets you control what is on the page. Filtering the tournament trails puts only those trails on the page. Sorting those by Date allows easy identification of date conflicts between trails. Upcoming tournaments are found on the upcoming tournaments page and if possible are linked to the associated website to enter with blue text. After the tournament has been held, the listing can be found on the tournament results page, linked to the tournament website if possible with red text.

Fishing Tournaments

Fishing tournaments - BassSavvy provides a list of tournaments to assist in finding a local tournament to fish. It also provides water elevations for over 150 lakes across the USA and flows from reservoir dams when available. Graphs of water levels and flows as well and weather. More data such as barometric pressure, weather forecaste, and sunrise times are coming soon.

After the Tournament

Post Tournament - evaluating the days events. Why did the bite stop at 10am, could it be barometric pressure? Current (dam flows)? Or tidal (River)? The tournament results are linked in red when possible to quickly check the results.